Wrinkles equal experience

Sometimes I will catch a glimpse of my “forehead wrinkles” in the rear view mirror while I am driving around with my kids.  I will smile or laugh at something they say and then in my peripheral I will see my forehead reflecting back at me covered in deep, dark wrinkles.  At first I “gasp!”  But then I remind myself that wrinkles equal experience.

 All those adorable little crowfeet under my eyes are evidence that I am living life and smiling as much as I can while I do it.  I worked hard to earn those puppies (or would  be crowies?) I do however, put coconut oil on my skin every night, only because it feels amazing.  It helps my skin feel nourished and well on its way to its wrinkly potential, just like it is supposed to be.  (But don’t get me started on the coconut oil kick. I use that soft squishy amazing stuff for everything. I am pretty much a walking, talking jar of coconut oil.)

Life sometimes goes away unfairly and too quickly.  So I try to ditch those “anti-aging thoughts” and I wear my wrinkles proud!  Plus, a wrinkly face makes for an awesome fish face that my kids seem to enjoy. And who doesn’t love a squishy wrinkly face?  (I just try to hold off on making those fish faces while driving.)


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