Soak soak soak

Unlike Silly Sammy Slick, I did not sip six sodas and got sick sick sick. (Dr. Suess reference for you fans out there.)  But my family and everyone in my world has been battling with colds off and on for almost two months now. Not fun.

But what is fun, ok awesome at least, is this fantastic detox bath recipe I found that makes the hippie side of me very happy.  If you follow the directions, it really works.  Just be careful after you are done, because you will feel light and hot and all squishy.  I definitely recommend going straight to bed or at least lie down after you get out and make sure you are well hydrated before and after.  If you feel like dialing down the intensity, reduce the amount of ginger or the temperature of the water.  But if you are up for it, go all out and Kick that Cold!

Here is the recipe: Detox Bath



Detox Bath


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