Short and Sweet – Can a hippie love cupcakes?

One of my favourite past times is making cupcakes for people I love, or even making them for people I don’t love and maybe just like a lot. I just really like making cupcakes.  

Cupcakes are a bundle of tastilicious goodness.

Everybody loves a good cupcake.  If you say you don’t, you are lying.  There has to be some form of cupcake everyone loves, I bet I could find one for you.  Cheesecakes, tarts, ice-cream, fruity, there are so many awesome cupcakes. But they usually contain ingredients may not be found in a “paleo” or “gluten-free” recipe.

Sure, you can find some great paleo and gluten-free cupcakes, but the cupcakes I am referring to are made with white flour and sweet fluffy icing sugar.  The ones I usually make often can not be made using local ingredients.  (Especially when you live in the middle of the Canadian prairies mid-January.)

I have a passion for cupcakes.  But I also have a passion for paleo recipes, real foods, local foods and free-range meats, second-hand stores, recycling, mother nature, the universe, handmade soaps, and my granny’s home remedies for curing a cold.

Some would define me as part hippie.  And although it may not be originally intended that way, I take it as a compliment.  I embrace my inner hippie whenever I can.  And then I head to the kitchen and make a kick-ass batch of cupcakes, lick the batter off the egg beaters, and cozy under my organic, handmade, blanket.  (All the while deciding if I will be sharing my amazing cupcakes with above mentioned.)

Which sides of your personality seem to conflict and yet mesh so beautifully?


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