Parenting is not always my favourite.

Being a parent has been one of the biggest challenges in my life so far.  It is something I always wanted, and I have been blessed with two beautiful and healthy kids.  But it is not an experience that anyone can prepare you for.

It is rewarding and full of adventure but it can also be exhausting and the challenges are always changing and never ending. Even as I write this I have two little people constantly seeking my attention. There is an ongoing struggling balance of caring for them, for yourself, nurturing relationships and then somehow cleaning your house and making healthy meals.

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Your hobbies, passions and desires are sometimes put on the back burner. But it is important to bring these forward whenever possible to show your kids how important it is to follow your heart and do things you love.

The examination of your behaviors and habits become something you do on a regular basis. And things you may not have otherwise wanted to deal with become your first priority. The need for #selflove becomes mandatory because your hope is to be a role model and lead these little people you created by example.

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When it comes down to it being a parent can literally make you or break you.  It is not always my favourite.  Sometimes I want to run and hide from the monsters I have created.  But those little monsters always find me, wrap their arms around me and fill me up with love. And when I consider the big picture, I would like to think that becoming a parent has made me a better human being and brought more meaning to my soul and spirit – but not without a lot of work, soul searching, forgiveness, patience, mistakes, tears, hugs and accomplishments along the way.

I am sure there is much more to learn ahead of us. My hope is that my kids will look back fondly on their childhood and will have mainly good experiences to reflect upon, along with the challenging ones.  ♡   And cupcakes, lots of cupcake memories.



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