To go in line with #firstworldproblems, my husband and I have started making a list of #littlekidproblems that our little people have had over the past few years


  • Your mom tells you that she forgot your booster seat, so you have to sit on a cardboard box (true story)
  • The head falls off of your favorite toy
  • Your mom forgets to order hot lunch, and it is a pizza day (Dropped the ball mom. Dropped. The. Ball.)


  • Your mom picks out a shirt for you to wear to school that is so not awesome
  • You feel the need to drop an F-bomb – and then your mom tells you that you have to save F-bombs for when you are a grown up and have #grownupproblems
  • The ice cream store is closed because it is winter.  Who cares if it is winter? – ice cream is still awesome


  • Santa brings you a dollhouse. But you actually wanted a toy kitchen (Santa and the elves must have had a miscommunication – big fail Santa, big fail)
  • You flip to the last page of your calendar and assume the world ends on December 31.  But then your mom tells you that you can buy another calendar
  • Your mom won’t let you go to day home in your bathing suit (In January. In Alberta.)
  • Your grandma is all out of cinnamon buns
  • Your dad won’t let you have a turn with your video game
  • When your mom makes a batch of cupcakes for other people, you only get to eat the burnt, weird, or crooked ones


But hey, a cupcake is a cupcake, right?  Crooked or not they are delicious when your momma makes them.


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