Cheap leggings and why I will never stop wearing them

I wear cheap $7 leggings. All day. Everyday. And I love them. They are comfy. They are light. They are bendy. They are affordable. They travel well (do you know how heavy a suitcase is when it is packed full of jeans?) I can travel to other countries with just a carry on bag because leggings take up NO space.

I have recently become aware that they are also very see through. One day, my kids mentioned that they could see my underwear, I was bending over working in the garden at the time. At first I panicked. I thought, how many people have seen my underwear??

During a yoga class I overheard some girls talking about a traumatic time they too had discovered they wore leggings that had see through qualities. They talked about how mortifying it was.

And then I had this epiphany. So what if they are see through? There was a time during our evolution that I am sure we all used to walk around naked. And then someone felt uncomfortable (or cold) so they put on a loin cloth or an animal hide. Very practical, I get it. And then we as a species decided that it was just more “appropriate” to cover up our bodies. To hide ourselves from the world. And then fashion became a thing, because well, it is kind of fun to dress up your body.

And trust me when I say, I am definitely not comfortable in my own skin to walk around naked at this point. But if you are someone who is comfortable doing that – I say good for you. I respect you more for it.

But I digress – I think the key to being fully comfortable in your own skin (or see through clothing items) – is awareness. Awareness that others may be able to see things they weren’t sure they wanted to see. And being accepting of that. Because if someone is uncomfortable with seeing these things – that is THEIR thing. Not yours.

By someone being uncomfortable with seeing the flower pattern on my delicates, that is their own projection of being uncomfortable in their own skin.

I am ok with that. I will continue to wear my leggings people, in spite of them being see through. One day I may find something else that I feel comfortable in, and then I am going to wear that.

I encourage you to do the same – maybe not necessarily leggings. Maybe for you it is a sweater your love, or a shiny pair of pants, or some neon green socks. Whatever it is makes you feel like the most YOU that you are. Wear it. Wear it loud and proud.


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