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I am a self proclaimed “Cupcake Hippie” living in Central Alberta, Canada.  It is true what they say, our winters can get very cold.  I end up spending a lot of time indoors, and one of my favourite past times is making cupcakes.  I make cupcakes for people I love, or even making them for people I don’t love and maybe just like a lot. I just really like making cupcakes.


(This is me making the most of a beautiful summer day in Alberta.  We do have those occasionally as well.)

I have two wonderful kids, a loving husband, two cats, and a crazy dog.  I have a passion for cupcakes.  Cupcakes are a bundle of tastilicious goodness.  But I also have a passion for local foods, real foods, free-range meats, second-hand stores, mother nature, the universe, handmade soaps, and my granny’s home remedies for curing a cold.


Tea, knitting, jogging, Zumba are a few more of my favorite things. Some would define me as part hippie. I embrace my inner hippie whenever I can.  And then I head to the kitchen and make a kick-ass batch of cupcakes, lick the batter off the egg beaters, and cozy under an organic, handmade, blanket.


I love finding cupcake creations on other blogs.  I especially like making the cupcakes, eating them and sharing them.  Check out some of my recent cupcake creations.

Which sides of your personality seem to conflict and yet mesh so beautifully?


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